Minimum Input

Maximum Efficiency

Production software built for hardworking garment manufacturers who believe there are better ways to spend their time than copy/pasting numbers onto Excel.

Seamless is the ultimate admin who knows everything, are always organised and always at work.

It saves me a lot of time and keeps my factory floor running smoothly and allows me to focus on running a demanding business. I wish I’ve had the opportunity to change my old system to seamless sooner.

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Burhan Billici

Managing Director, Sourgrape London


Having the right tools are half the work

Just as scissors need to be kept sharp the same goes for the tools that help you run your business.

Don't Waste Time

Seamless makes it easy to be flexible and move things around instantly to avoid bottlenecks, idle hands and lost productivity so you can focus your time on running a well-oiled business.

Always Updated

Get an instant and complete overview of your entire business. 

From orders and delivery to deadlines and profitability. 

All your information is stored and automatically update in one central place. 


Track Cost

Easily track and break down the total cost and time spent making a sample or full production.

Track your profit margins and markups to instantly see how a few tweaks can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Get Ahead

Raise professional invoices and delivery notes in seconds.

Know how much money you make, when to expect payment, how much you’re owed and track if clients put unnecessary risk onto your business.

Become a no-nonsense company and show your clients what organised means.

Frequently asked questions

Is automation only for big corporations?

'Big is not always better', being a 'one-man army', you know how grating incompetent customers and late payments can be on your overall business. You gotten this far through hard work and knowing what you're doing. But imagine how much more could be done if you got a trusted 'superhuman' assistant that's available 24/7. Now you can spend your time dealing with what sets you appart from everyone else; dealing with demanding customers, making great products and running a well-oiled factory floor. No matter the size of your business you can always seamlessly connect everyone from your floor manager to your accountant.

What does 'beta' mean?

Beta means we are still adding finishing touches to Seamless. So for now, our system looks a little rough and is not perfect, but completely functional and efficient.
At the moment we only want to work with manufacturers that can instantly benefit from gaining access to Seamless who want to work together to build the perfect future at a 50% discount of the full price cost.
We have a 100% money back guarantee within the first month – it's our job to make sure you get a lot more value. If you’re not happy with the system – please cancel it at any time.

How does Seamless work?

Power comes from simplicity.
If you're looking for a system that can monitor your staff kitchen, make espressos for customer meetings and organise your stockroom, then Seamless is not for you.
We've worked with different manufacturers to make an easy and quick system that gets the job done without much fuss.

How secure is my data?

Your software is completely secure on a central cloud based server.
You will have an automatic back up of all your data that you can access from anywhere at any time.

How do I know Seamless will work for me?

If Excel is the primary tool for running your business or you feel you could use some extra hands the back office, then Seamless will make a huge difference for you. We believe that technology is here to help the UK garment industry not to replace it. It can give superhuman powers you previously didn't have. If you're not sure how, get in touch and we'll discuss how we can work for you.

Why is spreadsheets not enough?

Whether it's spending more time on what's important in your business or spending more time outside your company - spreadsheets are just not an efficient way to stay ahead of a fast-paced and complex world. The great thing about Seamless is you input your data only once. Your input will automatically be reused again and again until you've received payment and issued a delivery note has been issued.
All your data will be securely stored in one place - which means if something is updated in one place this will automatically updates everywhere. This will allow you to work extremely quick and constantly up to date whether it's on your phone or on the factory floor, you don't have to worry about 'broken' links or if you're missing a calculation.

Can I customise seamless to my needs?

When we sign on new customers, we have individual consultations to make sure that Seamless is customised for your company's needs.

How does it work?

1) You sign-up here 2) We get back to you to arrange a convenient time to demo Seamless and discuss your requirements.
3) If you decide to move forward, we'll customise Seamless to your needs. 4) You're up and running

What do support do we offer?

We have a dedicated support team in the UK that will help you with any of your needs.

What does cloud based software mean?

Cloud-based applications mean that all your data will always be stored securely on the internet. So If your computer breaks down, you wont lose any data.
It also means that you can work seamlessly in realtime with anyone. It's like being in the same room working on the same piece of paper. There is no longer any need to send documents back and forth or spending time figuring out if something has been updated or not.

Who are Seamless?

We are a small London based team who are passionate about the development of the UK garment industry and how we can make it better.
When we made our first system, called Weavenote, we came across many manufacturers that are extremely hard working and knowledgeable in what they do, and we wanted to help them in a world of constant change.

Can I cancel at any time?

We have a 100% money back guarantee within the first month – as it's our job to make sure you get a lot more value. If you’re not happy with the system – please cancel it at any time, as we are then clearly not doing our job right.

Should I save money or should I invest my money in a system?

Routine is anything that can be reduced into clearly defined steps. Anything thats routine is disappearing from the UK. Routine work is cheaper to outsource, or it can be written into a computer program. A lot of the work that happens in a garment factory is routine. Production planning, cost tracking, invoicing, delivery notes, price setting and customer updates are all routine work. To succeed your job is to be really good at what is hard to outsource, hard to automate and which can't be summed up in an algorithm. Fortunately, there is a lot of areas where the UK manufactures has a unique potential excel in such skills. A few things key areas such as knowledge, skill, quality products, customer support, quick turnaround and heritage are all things that are hard to outsource. Let Seamless help you to get rid of your routine work so you can focus on what's not routine as that is where the future is going.


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