Minimum Input

Maximum Efficiency

Production software built for hardworking garment manufacturers who believe there are better ways to spend their time than copy/pasting numbers onto Excel.

Seamless is the ultimate admin who knows everything, are always organised and always at work.

It saves me a lot of time and keeps my factory floor running smoothly and allows me to focus on running a demanding business. I wish I’ve had the opportunity to change my old system to seamless sooner.

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Burhan Billici

Managing Director, Sourgrape London


Having the right tools are half the work

Just as scissors need to be kept sharp the same goes for the tools that help you run your business.

Don't Waste Time

Seamless makes it easy to be flexible and move things around instantly to avoid bottlenecks, idle hands and lost productivity so you can focus your time on running a well-oiled business.

Always Updated

Get an instant and complete overview of your entire business. 

From orders and delivery to deadlines and profitability. 

All your information is stored and automatically update in one central place. 


Track Cost

Easily track and break down the total cost and time spent making a sample or full production.

Track your profit margins and markups to instantly see how a few tweaks can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Get Ahead

Raise professional invoices and delivery notes in seconds.

Know how much money you make, when to expect payment, how much you’re owed and track if clients put unnecessary risk onto your business.

Become a no-nonsense company and show your clients what organised means.


No commitments

You pick a time

Customised to your needs

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